About us

Beautiful Newtonville is a nonprofit 501c(3) pending volunteer grassroots organization of local residents, businesses, commercial property owners, and nonprofits committed to revitalizing the village of Newtonville, Massachusetts while fostering a new spirit of civic engagement. Our planning teams empower volunteers of all ages to work together and collaborate with government agencies to revitalize Newtonville and experience the fulfillment of collective action.

The organization started when Newtonville resident, Tim Stone, walked into the boutique of business owner, Bev Goldstein, owner of Natural Sense. When Bev expressed her hope that more businesses would clean up outside their stores, Tim responded by organizing a meeting of businesses and residents in November, 2011 at the Rox Diner, and Beautiful Newtonville was born.

The organization reaches out to the local community through a mailing list of over 800 newtonville residents and business.

Our Board of Directors