Austin St Development

The Newtonville Area Council (NVAC) advises the Board of Aldermen and the City of Newton, MA on issues concerning the village of Newtonville. The NVAC’s nine members are elected by registered voters within the NVAC district. To gauge public opinion about the proposed Austin Street development, the NVAC launched an online survey polling Newtonville residents age 14 and older, employees of village establishments, and commercial property owners.

10% (738) of Newtonville’s 7,370 resident population age fourteen and older completed the survey, reflecting a margin of error of ±5%. Approximately 65% of local establishments completed the survey.

Executive Summary

Three quarters of Newtonville residents (75%) would be receptive to an Austin Street development – -if it met their criteria.

What are those criteria?


Over three quarters of residents (82%) say a development of three stories or less would work best.


The overwhelming majority of residents (80%) want 40 or fewer residential units. That includes 20% of surveyed residents who want no residential units at all.

Public Parking

The overwhelming majority of residents (79%) want to retain 100 or more public parking spaces. That includes 40% of surveyed residents who want 150 or more spaces.


Establishments paralleled resident sentiment, except some favored higher residential density and a higher building.

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Information on  the Austin Street can be found on the City of Newton Web site at Austin Street proposals