Newton Serves

Newton Serves, in Newtonville, was fun and successful.  We continued to improve the Washington St. bus  Stop, mulch trees, and trim bushes.

Newtonville Area Council’s actions on Austin/Walnut Sts.

NEWTONVILLE, MA – March 13, 2014. Since first taking office in January, 2014, the Newtonville Area Council has made key recommendations to the City of Newton to improve downtown Newtonville. The recommendations were conveyed to the Mayor and Planning Department in three separate letters sent in January 21st, February 24th, and February 27th, 2014. The …

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Results of the Austin Street Community Survey

The Newtonville Area Council conducted an on-line survey to gauge public sentiment about the proposed Austin Street development.  The survey polled Newtonville residents age 14 and older, employees of village establishments, and commercial property owners. 10% (738) of Newtonville’s 7,370 resident population age fourteen and older completed the survey, reflecting a margin of error of ±5%. …

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