Beautiful Newtonville February 13, 2012 Meeting

Join us for our next community forum at Cabot’s Ice Cream, Mon, Feb 13th 6-7:30pm

Introduction to Agenda – 5 minutes (Tim Stone)

Urban Planning– 30 mins (Bev Goldstein/Cindy Lacey)

  • Sidewalk Beautification
  • Austin Dev

Business Council– 30 mins (Amy Corda/Ann Hibbard)

  • Strategic Plan/downtown bus theme
  • Facade renovations
  • Storefront list progress report

Area Council– 10 mins (Joy Huber)

  • Petition Drive Plan (vols needed)

Volunteerism– 15 mins (Tim Stone)

  • Volunteer Day Activities + Awards

Communications– 5 mins (Janet Porcaro/John O’Shea)

  • Revamped Web Site
  • BN Member Sign Up/Member Drive
  • Need Comms Team Volunteers

We welcome all Newtonville residents, businesses, and nonprofits.
Beautiful Newtonville Coordinators