Accomplishments of the Newtonville Area Council

The nine members of the Newtonville Area Council were installed in January 2014. The Council usually meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Newton Senior Center to discuss and take action on issues relevant to Newtonville. Check out our website at: where you can find upcoming meeting times, agendas, minutes, by-laws, other materials, and contact information for all members.

The Council has been very engaged in all issues related to Newtonville.

Austin Street Parking Lot

The council has been very involved in proposed redevelopment the Austin Street Parking lot:

  • Conducted an on-line survey of businesses and residents regarding uses of the Austin Street parking lot;
  • Conducted an architectural review of the six proposal;
  • Met repeatedly with City officials to understand the process and express the wishes of the Newtonville community;
  • Publicized community meetings and expressed concerns about the format of some meetings;
  • Visited a similar mixed-used development constructed by Austin Street Partners (ASP) in Reading;
  • Presented to the Land Use Committee an assessment of the pro’s and con’s of the current ASP proposal.
  • Continue to work with the city and ASP issues concerning parking during construction.

Walnut Street

Council members have been working with the city on plans to widen the sidewalks, repave Walnut Street, and add enhancement to Walnut St. such as lighting and benches. The council wrote letters to the mayor to express opposition to the idea of angled parking and widening only one side of the street.  The council worked with a landscape design professional on a landscape plan for the placement of lighting, trees, and benches.

Washington Street

Council members have attended the Washington Street Corridor Study meetings. The Massachusetts Planning Organization has committed approximately $80,000 to study the corridor from West Newton to Newton Corner.

Marijuana Dispensary

Members attended the public meetings and held multiple discussions on Garden Remedies’ proposal to open a marijuana dispensary on Washington Street.

Court Street

Members attended meetings on the Court Street development and listened to presentations on the project. Members sent a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeal requesting that additional factors be considered in the proposal.

Transportation/Special meeting with Kay Khan

The council organized a special meeting for state Representative Kay Khan and representatives from the Department of Transportation and the MBTA. We have attended meetings and kept ourselves informed about issues regarding new stations and proposed upgrades to the Worcester rail line.

Newtonville Village Day

The Area Council is now in charge of Newtonville Village Day, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. We have worked with area business to solicit participation and donations. We have worked with Newton Office of Cultural Affairs and New England Jazz to organize booths and entertainment. All revenue generated, in excess of cost, will be re-invested in Newtonville.

Cabot School

Members have attended meetings regarding the gut renovation and new construction of Cabot School in Newtonville. Members will continue to participate in the process leading to construction.

Indigo Line

Members have attended meetings of the I-90 Interchange Committee to lobby for the implementation of rapid rail service between Newton and Boston, a new West Station at BU, and links to North Station and Kendall Squar