Results of the Austin Street Community Survey

The Newtonville Area Council conducted an on-line survey to gauge public sentiment about the proposed Austin Street development.  The survey polled Newtonville residents age 14 and older, employees of village establishments, and commercial property owners.

10% (738) of Newtonville’s 7,370 resident population age fourteen and older completed the survey, reflecting a margin of error of ±5%. Approximately 65% of local establishments completed the survey.

Executive Summary

Three quarters of Newtonville residents (75%) would be receptive to an Austin Street development – -if it met their criteria.

What are those criteria?


Over three quarters of residents (82%) say a development of three stories or less would work best.


The overwhelming majority of residents (80%) want 40 or fewer residential units. That includes 20% of surveyed residents who want no residential units at all.

Public Parking

The overwhelming majority of residents (79%) want to retain 100 or more public parking spaces. That includes 40% of surveyed residents who want 150 or more spaces.


Establishments paralleled resident sentiment, except some favored higher residential density and a higher building.

Pros and Cons

Two thirds of residents (65%) named “sprucing up Newtonville” as a development’s main potential benefit. Over two thirds (69%) named loss of parking as a development’s major potential drawback.

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