Petition for a Newtonville Neighborhood Area Council


The undersigned registered voters of the City of Newton residing in the area described in this petition request that the Board of Aldermen of the City of Newton establish a Newtonville Area Council. The Area Council will provide the services described in Section III, for the geographic area designated in Section IV.


The Newtonville Area Council shall represent residents of the designated service area. The Council shall be comprised of nine members elected by and from residents of the Newtonville service area for 2-year terms. If there is a vacancy, members may be appointed.


A. The council shall have advisory but not substantive authority in the provision of regular services of the city government. The main function of the Council is to serve as an auxiliary means of communication between the City of Newton and the residents of the area so as to advise all departments, agencies, boards, and commissions of the City of Newton about the current reactions and attitudes of the area voting members to impending neighborhood issues or actions.
B. Other services of the Council may include communicating the needs, wants, and desires of the area in regard to city-owned land, buildings, and services to the appropriate city agencies.
C. Other services of the Council may include the responsibility to inform the area of any potential changes in the village shopping area.
D. Other services to be provided may include proposing measures for the preservation of a healthy economic center in Newtonville. These may relate to physical development. Measures may also include determining and communicating the commercial needs of the area residents to present and prospective merchants, after consultation with the City Planning department and the Law Department of the City of Newton.
E. Other services of the Council may include drawing up proposals for the development of transportation facilities based on needs demonstrated by area residents.
F. Other services of the Council may include acceptance of funds from public sources, not including the City of Newton, and private sources, including public subscriptions; and expenditure of monies to meet overhead cost of Council administration and support for Newtonville area projects. Other services of the Council may include self-help projects such as beautification, establishment and maintenance of a neighborhood community center, street fairs and festivals, cultural activities, and recreation.
G. Other services of the Council may include preparing and presenting petitions to the Board of Aldermen for permission to amend the services to be provided by the Neighborhood Area Council. Such petitions must be signed by 20% of the voters residing in that area and shall specify the services to be provided. Upon receipt of the petitions and after verification of signatures, the Board of Aldermen shall, within thirty days, hold a public hearing. The hearing may be adjourned from time to time but shall be completed within sixty (60) days. Following the public hearing, the Board of Aldermen by resolution shall approve or disapprove the amendment of services to be provided.